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I want to enable you to turn profits online. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or an internet marketer, at any stage of your life.

From helping you to generate income from home even though you have zero experience, getting your business more qualified leads, converting your prospects into customers with precise marketing strategies, and snowballing your profits consistently – you can certainly count on me.

Dennis here, let’s have a heart-to-heart talk on
how I became an Accidental Internet Marketer.

Like that one time I participated in Olympic weightlifting competition,
and won gold for being the only contestant in my category.

Before I helped hundreds of ordinary people make more money on the internet, and successfully expanding established bricks-and-mortars online

With Network Computing and Business degrees under my belt, I drove increasing sales for my one and only ex-employer’s security company while improving their products from backends.

Analysing and giving solutions to anything and almost everything has always been my forte. A broken computer? I’ll gladly check it out and fix it!

This trait of mine led me to work with 6-7 figure business owners, boosting revenues for small medium enterprises and websites, and helping solopreneurs generate income systematically even when they’re on vacation.

My internet marketing started with an unforeseen incident…
My personality sustained it for myself, and for many others.

A Precise Solutionist and Strategist

Find the shortcut to your goal: Bring businesses online, generate the most qualified leads, increase conversions.

An Analytical Mind

What is the pitfall in your current work or business that you’re not seeing? Identifying it soonest can help you reach your desired destination quicker.

Determination to Work Freely

Finally, your work should give you more time to yourself and what truly matters. Personalize your blueprint to snowball profits online with me!

Through combining all three sides, I transformed even the most inexperienced individuals into marketing wizards and helped business owners build an online business successfully.

Work With Me

for an unimaginable internet business or career

Okay, that was me sounding a little more professional above the fold for the sake of good marketing

How about we get a wee bit personal from this point onwards?

Hey you, my name is Dennis Oh.

Like I mentioned, I graduated with network computing and business degrees (double degrees, yes) BUT there was more to a seemingly smooth, successful journey.

I grew up in a pretty traditional Asian household. The family’s mantra was to work hard, climb corporate ladders, be successful, and start enjoying life once you retire decades later.

Yeah, neither was I a fan of this ideology.

Unlike stereotypical Asians who strive academically, I did poorly back in school. For as long as I could remember, my minds were wandering elsewhere during classes. I had trouble concentrating, but thank goodness I didn’t fail any of my exams.

I barely passed though…

As you can imagine, my lack of concentration at schools became more prominent as I approached high school.

High school, the one last time to be wild before you enter adulthood. I made music from my guitars a lot, spent nights talking to girls on landline phones, or immersing myself in games and golf.

When high school finally came to an end, I couldn’t enroll into GCSE/A-level due to my poor grades.

Gotta be honest, it was quite a let down when most of my friends were able to further the more ‘prestige’ higher level studies.

It was the start of the 21st century and I was 18. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue, not sure if I even understood the concept of a job.

I looked at the college enrolment brochure, skimmed through different courses my grades could qualify for, and found a jackpot degree – Network Computing! Internet was booming, IT jobs were like hot cakes.

I must’ve been on the right path, right?

3 Years Later

It was once again graduation day; this time, I had a college degree. After 3 years of studying coding and computer science, I still wasn’t sure if I was qualified for an adult’s job.

(I was constantly in my own head, thinking that I wasn’t ready and good enough for the outside world.)

Everything was structured in college. I submitted my thesis. I completed my projects. I scored. I graduated. A corporate job, on the other hand, was filled with uncertainties.

And anxieties.

Lucky for me, my supportive father flew me to Northwood University in Michigan for a second degree specializing in business after hearing about his son’s worries about the future.

My parents and I, Graduation Day at Northwood University, Midland, MI

(Note: My old man hoped for me to inherit a family business, which I refused. Explains why he was more than happy to send me miles away from home.)

Inheriting a family business didn’t happen to me. Here’s what actually happened.

Constant Battles

I received a job offer from a security company located in Los Angeles upon graduating with my second degree. Cheers?!

While this might sound like brilliant news for many foreign graduates in the United States back in the mid 2000s, I thought HARD about the offer for weeks before finally accepting it.

After all, my family’s traditional belief was to work hard, earn money, and retire at ease when you’re 60. It wasn’t logical to refuse a higher wage job as compared to companies that paid peanuts at where I came from.

This personal story is NOT going to spiral into quitting a high-paying, stable job to start a top 1 % business empire. In fact, I was stuck with the same company for 4 years.

365 days multiply by 4. Those were the days I had constant battles with myself whether to quit or stick with my job despite achieving results for the company.

I began my first job with a clean slate: I knew little about the company’s history, and I knew only enough about the industry. I was on my own. Yes, if there was one huge takeaway from working 4 years on a salary job, it was “I was on my own”.

You could use an ocean to describe a workplace. Either you’re the predator, or you get eaten. I didn’t exactly have a big a$$ goal, I wasn’t eyeing the next big promotion either. I just wanted to… solve problems.

Office politics were out of my league. I already had arguments in my own head. My happiest time while working was when I went home and continued fighting monsters to level up the ‘me’ in online games.

The mundane switching between me solving real life issues at work and me living in my games continued for 4 more years…

That ‘One’ Accident

That summer in 2008, a friend who means a lot to me, Peng Joon (who is now an 8-figure internet authority) came to visit me in LA.

We were video game buddies, until one night when he showed me his weeks worth of income he made online.

It was a figure I would never have thought possible, that could be done without the need of clocking in into the office. All he needed was a laptop and an internet connection to keep the income coming in! Intrigued and interested, I received guidance from my friend and started doing my own homework.

After 2 months of hard work and guidance, my first ever monetizable website selling online game guides was launched and the sales started flowing in like clockwork.

To this date, I still keep my very first receipt as a reminder to myself: Besides the money I could make without being tied to an office desk, it was the thrill and excitement I felt that kept me going as an internet marketer all this while.

The same adrenaline rush still occurs to me whenever the business owner or entrepreneur I work with sees results!

My First Week of Sales ever on the internet

And that, my friend, was how Accidental Internet Marketer Dennis was born.

From Top to Bottom

2 months into embarking on my internet marketing journey, I left my first and only company that I’ve ever worked for. I explored even more methods to generate income online: From affiliate marketing, joint ventures, to creating and selling digital products.

Rather than an exponential growth in work and personal life, I was pretty much stuck in a loop for a long time. Sure, sales were flowing in and without being tied to a fixed 9-5 job, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted and do work whenever I felt like it!

My life dimmed as days and weeks passed. Keeping up with money-making businesses wasn’t easy for a solo ranger.

I was practically living in a square: I worked in the same place from day to night, I ate and slept and woke up in that same place, too.

If these don’t sound deadly enough, I had very minimal with actual human beings, at all.

Somedays, I get lightened up by the conversions I make through email marketing and ads. Allow me to be honest, other days, I would lay in bed and do nothing for weeks. That also meant little to no income was going into my bank account.

Thinking that enrolling into new online courses would motivate myself to stay sane, I splurged on a home workout program (called P90X).

The instructions were to follow the exact workout plans and steps for 6 days a week in order to achieve the dream body. Easy, I told myself.

Turned out getting past the first 3 days was already a challenge. The workout routines were tedious to me at that point. I would give up, and resume the old, unhealthy lifestyle.

I eventually fell into a vicious cycle of indiscipline, depression where I needed pills to treat, and was hardly motivated to do anything marketing-related.

A Permanent Change

Mentally and physically unfit, I left the United States and returned home by the end of 2009. I visited some old friends after years of living apart, only to get crushed all over again.

A few of them got married and had settled in their recently bought homes. Most of them had a steady and stable career at renown companies.

Their similarity? They had to leave the parties at 10pm while I still had time to spare.

Inside of me, I began to dread most gatherings. Except for this one event that changed my life drastically, ever since.

Here’s me, with one of the most influential figures in my life from afar.

It was an intensive 3 days of emotional roller coaster ride for me at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within live event.

Day before UPW with friends

I cried. I got mad. I laughed.

I understood then, why I never stuck with a decision in my life and followed through with the course of actions I started.

Since young, I always had a voice in me that told me I wasn’t good enough. I performed poorly at schools. I wasn’t the greatest person. So, I didn’t deserve a great life.

Those thoughts that lingered within me, were stopping me from maximising my potential and seeing what mattered to me the most in my life.

That 3 days may sound insignificant to many. Yet, it was those three days I spoke to myself and listened to myself more than I ever had.

I discovered what truly mattered to me, and how important it was to prioritize myself.

The following week, after that 3-day live event, I picked up the P90X training program and fully immersed myself in it. I stick with the workout plans for 120 consecutive days.

I restarted what drove me to where I am today: Generating sales and creating business success, online.

Fast forward to today…

More than a decade into creating impeccable online success for ordinary individuals (like me back then!), I’ve learned that life has its own ups and downs, just like the bear and bull markets.

on top of Sub Dome, Yosemite

During the good years, I road tripped within America for one full month,

Visiting Chernobyl

or spent 100 days backpacking in Europe from the streets of Venice, living in the mountains in the Canary Islands and even visiting Chernobyl

A months work – We built an outdoor classroom & latrines, Kamping Kedi, Cambodia

or flew to rural Cambodia to build classroom and homes for the growing children.

Some years, I would go into what I self-proclaim as “personal growth stage”. Those were the years where I felt like nothing was working out for me. I’d get demotivated, and thoughts like returning to a 9 – 5 job would occur.

When that happened, my first instinct would be to grab my pen and paper, and jot down why I love internet marketing and turning profits online, not just for myself, but also for all the people I’ve met along the way.

And I would fall in love once again with what I do greatly – Internet Marketing.

No matter if you want your business to grow an online business, or you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a consistent income online to achieve ultimate financial success…

Have the freedom to travel and spend more time with your loved ones…

Or you’ve been searching for a humane yet highly experienced marketer to strategize your business and work to achieve bigger goals while you can enjoy both work and life…

Your answers can be found on 😉

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