Shine Ranker Review 2023


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This is where Shine Ranker comes in.

What is Shine Ranker?

Shine Ranker is an SEO software toolset that can be used to boost search traffic and optimize websites.

With the help of Shine Ranker, you will get more organic website visits, rank at the top of Google Search results and improved page performance so that your business or blog can thrive online.

Who Created Shine Ranker?

Shine Ranker was created by an SEO expert named Chase Reiner.

Frustrated by the lack of reasonably priced SEO tools available to everyday people, Chase created Shine Ranker. Even today, most SEO tools remain costly and out of reach for many businesses.

Top benefits of Shine Ranker

Find The Best Keywords In Your Niche

Use Shine Ranker to find words that are easy to rank for and which are popular. This means that your website will be able to get more traffic, helping you reach more potential customers or clients and increase brand awareness.

Check Domain Traffic

Ever wondered if a certain website is getting more or any traffic? With Shine Ranker, you can check any domain for how much monthly search volume they are receiving.

You can uncover many possibilities with this information such as helping you make decisions in an unexplored niche or giving you all the information to optimize your website and advertising strategies.

Unlock Competitors Keywords

Shine Ranker can be used to gain access to your competitors’ keywords can open up a world of opportunity; it may significantly boost your SEO, content and advertising strategy. By leveraging this knowledge you’re setting yourself one step ahead in the game!

Analyzing a competitor’s website can help you identify gaps in the market that you may be able to fill. For example, if a competitor is doing well on a certain keyword, you may be able to learn from them and create similar content for that keyword.

Shine Audit

Shine Ranker has a built in website audit tool.

By entering your website url, Shine Audit crawl every page on the website to pull up data such as

  • Have Google Analytics been set up
  • Have SSL been set up
  • What keywords are ranked for in every page
  • Is there H1 title, and if it matches the page title
  • Are there Meta descriptions (for every page)
  • Is the meta description length optimum or not
  • Many More!

You can see with just a quick glance if a website has any issues.

Shine Ranker will show a certain item in RED if there is an issue, and GREEN if a certain criteria is okay.

If there are any issues shown, Shine Ranker will provide solutions for any issues shown.

Content Editor (AI Writing Tool)

This feature works side after you have done your keyword research (Shine Ranker has this as well)

The Content editor will lay all the important data to help you optimize your article so that you can rank as possible on the search rankings.

Some of the data include:

  • How many words, headings, paragraphs and images to use
  • How many times a certain keyword should be used in that article
  • What titles, headings and questions are being used in similar & highly ranked articles so you dont have to crack your head to brainstorm what to write

AI Chat

Shine Ranker AI Chat is powered by ChatGPT. AI Chat can be your assistance, using it you can have human like conversations and it can perform tasks for you such as:

  • Performing research and summarizing them
  • Writing essays, blog posts or articles
  • Generating product descriptions
  • Creating ideas for marketing

Best Features of Shine Ranker

Using Shine Audit as a Side Hustle

This SEO audit feature is so power because within a few clicks you can use it to quickly find issues of any website within just a few minutes.

You can use this as a side hustle to give potential seo clients this data.

If they choose to engage your SEO services, you can then hire someone on fiverr or upwork to fix their website issues. EZ Money.

Shine Ranker AI Content Writer

One big issue about writing content for ranking on google (whether hiring someone to write it for you or writing it yourself) is to know your “content score”.

Content score is a well your article score is in comparison to your competitor’s ranking for the same keywords. This will tell Google how relevant your article is, as well as how good its quality is for the keyword you are targeting.

Shine Ranker Pricing

Shine Ranker has only 2 plans.

Shine Ranker Monthly Monthly Pro plans cost $75 per month

and Shine Ranker Yearly Pro cost $750 per year (basically get 2 months free)

You will get all the features for both plans including:

  • Shine Ranker SEO Tool
  • Seo Audit Feature
  • Traffic Checker Feature
  • Keyword Research Tool

Shine Ranker Pros and Cons

Even though Shine Ranker may seem that it has everything for SEO professionals, but not quite. Let me explain what I love shine ranker, and why it may not be right for you.

Shine Ranker Pros


Shine Ranker is only $75 monthly which is the most affordable SEO tool compared to other SEO tools on the internet.

Easy of Use

Shine Ranker cuts out all the fluff and makes it easy for everyone to use it. Some other tools may require you to go through some tutorials because of the number of buttons and functions but Shine Ranker is very intuitive and easy to use.

Web Based Software

Shine Ranker is a web-based software, so you can use it on any web browser without needing to download any software onto your computer.

Shine Ranker Cons

Speed of Shine Audit (sometimes)

I love using Shine Audit to audit websites. However, there have been times when I audit websites and it takes too long (about 5-10 minutes depending on the website).

Note that this happens only with websites that are big and has a lot of pages.

Shine Ranker Alternatives

Here are some websites similar to Shine Ranker to consider:

Ahrefs vs Shine Ranker

Keyword Research using ahrefs

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool. What I like about Ahrefs compared to Shine Ranker is that Ahrefs provide a ton of SEO data such as:

  • keyword research volume
  • Clicks
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Organic Keywords
  • Organic Traffic
  • Traffic Value
  • URL Rating
  • Domain Rating and many more

In comparison to Shine Ranker which gives you what you need to get started to rank your website on google.

What Shine Ranker does better is that it gives you can search for different data as much as you like, whereas with Ahrefs you have a limited amount of credits monthly.

Ahrefs cost starts from $99 a month.

SurferSEO vs Shine Ranker

SurferSEO is an SEO tool designed to craft SEO-friendly written content, like blog posts and articles. With SurferSEO, you can guarantee that your website will be well-optimized for search engines, making it even easier for potential customers or readers to find you online.

Shine Ranker’s AI Content Writer is inspired by SurferSEO. (though SurferSEO has more features targeted for written content)

SurferSEO starts from $49 per month.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Shine Ranker

Shine Ranker is a powerful and inexpensive SEO tool fit for any SEO specialist or digital marketer. Shine Ranker is priced at $75 per month – you get the best from Ahrefs and SurferSEO combined.

The features that Shine Ranker provides are good enough for both new or experienced. Whether you are looking to create written content online with the Shine Ranker content editor, want to look for profitable keywords to rank for your website, or want to use the Shine audit to provide more SEO services to potential clients, Shine Ranker has a lot to offer.

Try Shine Ranker on their 10 day free trial here

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